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Saturday, 25 February 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Assalamualaikum wbt

Last night , i'm about to have my sugar dream then there is a message from my chingu ,

Jiyeon : Today 26.02.2012 last year on this exact date it was maulud day at my place. it was suppose to be an ohsem day for me. think again Jiyeon. 5 o'clock in the morning , i woke up. checking my hp. i was shock with the message i received and suddenly burst into tears. i knew this would happen as last nite we both fight. 

he text me that he want to break up with me. i cried. he called me several times but i didn't pick up and off my phone. it was such too much ! at school none of my friends realize how sad i am as i manage to cover it. same goes to him. but i could not get rid of kept reminisce bout him. i did not satisfied so i face to face to him. i thought it was a joke.

 'do you really want to broke up with me?' 'yes' dgn penuh yakin. 'knp?' 'mls aku lg' 'btl neh?' 'ya, jgn la nanges' 

aku pusing. and cried. not even once i turned back. then aku pulang rumah tak tahan nak nanges. # and suda setahun since that day passed , i just want to share it with you my special lover </3

as i woke up this morning , i stared at my room doze of atmosphere. hey its a spider there ! ahhh did he/she's looking the way i'm sleeping ? yaiks little spider. after a few minutes , o where is my hp ? hey pinky pinky hp where are youu ? hm as usual tercampak bawah katil. one message from Jiyeon. i read it and thinking , what exactly the LOVE 's meaning ?

LOVE ? hm based from my experience , o nevermind. i have a lack of experince. based on k-movies that i've watched , LOVE is beautiful . LOVE is powerful. LOVE is about honesty. LOVE is about err whatever it is , i know that LOVE is awesome ! why not ? without LOVE , we will not appear in this world. without LOVE , our father Adam and his lovely wife Hawa will not meet again after they have been 'not allowed' in the heaven/paradise.

actually cinta tu bersih. tapi kita yg kotorkan. and cinta tu suci tapi kita yg jijikkan. ye dak ? yelahh ada ke dalam LOVE LAW , kalau nak date kena pegang tangan. kena cubit sana piat sini. kena peluk sana pegang sini. kena rapat rapat. absolutely no. kita yang buat law sendiri. kita yang adakan apa yang takde. Alhamdulillah with the strong lagi kukuh guidance dpd parents dari kecik , yni dijauhkan dr semua semua tuu.

hey beautiful people , jangan habiskan perasaan sayang cinta tuu time anda belum halal to each other. time date dah puas bemadu kasih. bila kahwin , i'm afraid that feeling dah decrease. fact told us that 3tahun pertama memang sugar sweet. tapi after that ? 'batik jelah , dok rumah jeepun' 'balik work lambat sikit lah, dkt rumah bukan buat apepun' BUT tak semua macamtu , tak semua. just think about it.

husband and wife pun boleh bercerai lagikan merpati baru dapat sayap kan. couple clash. normal huh ? yang dah betahun couple pun boleh break , lagikan yang baru bebulan amek step kan ? i'm not an anti-couple person. tapi cara nowadays muda mudi express their feeling tuu buat i feel sucks. its not a true path. surely its not beautiful. u think you're the sweetest couple but i think you're not. gambar fb. mcm mcm gaya girl and boy plessing. but with family ? none.

actually i'm not a prower when talking about LOVE . but i do have my own opinion. my own suggestion. yni pernah jee waiting for someone for three years. at last ? i'm the one who reject him. what a time being right. and tak salah nak tunggu seseorang , as long as you tahu apa yg terbaik and apa yang not suppose to do.

after thinking about LOVE , then i suggest to give a simple reply to my chingu. then i take my towel and off to bathroom (:

to Jiyeon : it has been a year since you broke up with him but your feeling is still the same ? wow ohsem ! if it's ok with you then just go on. but remember a thing , hoping to much is another way to make you have a heartache.

Thanks for reading :)

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