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Assalamualaikum wbt

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. After a long break , lets start this new entry with a new chapter in my life. Herbalife. Maybe ramai pernah dengar bout this and yes ! Im a proud consumer and a personal wellness coach of Herbalife (: 

For people yang friend with me thru Fb : Huwaini Normazli or follow thru twitter : Kak Ebi , you all maybe "i saw this photo for a thousand times kak" Hoyeah ? Good ! Which means you're concern bout me tsk tsk (': Actually im not a good blogger , not even a good writter. BUT if you or whoever people out there need a very deep and detail explanation bout Herbalife , kak Amalina Peter's blog is the best answer for your loads of question (: Just singgah kat blog dia and nahhhh your answer !

In short , ni antara testimonials Herbalife. This product is very awesome dude !





And ! With Herbalife , young people are able to have an early marriage ! Yelah , dah mampu , kahwin lah. Yedak yedak ?

2008 : Firdaus & Nadia
"Kahwin ketika belajar. Sekarang dah habis belajar. Herbalife fulltime.
Avegare income RM20k-RM30k."

2009 : Musab & Ain

"Current age: 25 & 24. Kahwin ketika belajar. Sekarang masih belajar. Herbalife part time. Average income RM5000. (baru balik Malaysia sebulan dua gitu. Income sangat okey untuk hidup yang masih berserabut nak settle down)"

"2010 : Abqari & Amalina
Current age: 23 & 22. Kahwin ketika belajar. Kini masih belajar. 2 tahun lagi baru habis. (Nak mampus dah aku tahan nafas untuk habiskan belajar ni). Herbalife part time.
Average income RM30k-RM40k."


  "2010 : Rudi & Zulaikha
Current age: 24. Kahwin right after graduate. Herbalife full time. Tanpa was-was lagi mereka memilih. Average income RM20k-RM30k."

"2010 : Hafiz & Maryam
Current age: 23. Kahwin ketika Maryam belajar dan Hafiz bekerja sebagai Engineer. Maryam ade lg 2 tahun untuk habiskan study (classmate Abqari). Hafiz dah fulltime Herbalife. So sorang fulltime sorang part time. Average income RM25k-RM35k."

"2011 : Ijan & Lin
Taktahu sangat details mereka ni. Tak silap aku Ijan dah lama fulltime tapi Lin part time lagi. Student jugak. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut jomlah datang events, boleh tanya sendiri.
Average income RM8k+"

2011 : Iman & Yana
Current Age : 23. Iman study lagi kat France. Yana baru habis belajar kat UK. Fuyooo gempak seyh pasangan ni. Yang tadi smue local2 student je. Ni combination UK & France. Pastu buat Herbalife fulltime. -_-' Mohon ampun pada kerajaan Malaysia. Bright students sometimes wanna have their own life after studying so hard, kan? ;p Average income RM10k.

                                   source : blog kak Amalina Peter (:

Saya nak highlight kan kat sini , Herbalife bukan bagi chance for people live in a healthy life je BUT if you follow the rules the ethics and everything on tracks , Herbalife will give you a new light in your life. Yes im talking about INCOME , MARRIAGE. Health and business ! Its all about Helping People. Think. Wassalam (:

Thanks for reading :)

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