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Step daughter . "Nora" ?
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Assalamualaikum wbt

Mungkin tittle harini quiet sensetive. Mungkin tittle harini quiet privacy. But trust me , some people may need this. They need this to change their ownself. They need this to think from others’ or someone’s way of thinking. They need this to learn how to appreciate people around. 

I dont know how to start and  i dont even know where to start. But i try. Bismillah.

Divorce. Split family. People , please dont focus on the word - Split. Turn it into a positive ones. Focus on the word - Together. After split , majority of them starting to build a new family. Getting a new marriage. Being together with somebody else. For parents , they manage to take lessons from their previous marriage. What about the children ?

Ok saya bagi satu kisah benar , it happens in the real life. I just change the name and the number of their siblings.

Nora. The only daughter in her family. Fortunately her parents divorced two years ago. And her mom kahwin baru. Nora okay  dengan her new dad , she calls him “ayah”. And by the marriage of her mom , Nora automatically has 5 other siblings. Two sisters and three brothers. She accepts that.

Ok to cut it short. Day by day , month by month , Nora makin lupa yang she’s not a single daughter anymore. Dia lupa dia ada adik beradik lain. She backs to the old her. Apa yang dia nak , mama dia bagi. Apa yang dia rengekkan , mama dia ikut. When she asks from her new dad , her dad kena turutkan jugak. If her dad gives a sign of “no , cannot” mama Nora will menangkan Nora. And her dad , follow her desire. Her dad bukan sayangkan Nora more than his biological children , no. Her dad nak amek hati Nora slow slow.

If her dad make it roughly , trust me , Nora will take her luggage and lari rumah. Well , anak manja. Oneday , ayah Nora reject her request. For her own good! Nora memberontak. Nora buat perangai. Nora ignore all the calls from her parents. Nora jeling kakak tiri dia like seriously a death stare. Nora hentak hentak pintu. Nora be like a very spoiled princess!

Oneday , ayah nora hantar nora balik kampung. On the way there , ayah nora take this chance to have a talk heart to heart. As an advice from a father to a daughter. Advice yang tegas pada meaning , lembut pada cara. Tegur berhemah.

“Nora , awak ingat awak sorang je ke boleh ngamuk ? Kak dina tak boleh ? awak ingat awak sorang je ke boleh tunjuk bekeng ? kak dina tak boleh ? Abang tak boleh ? Kak syila tak boleh ? Awak tak kena lagi dengan kak syila. Ayah kena smash dengan kak syila pun ayah lelah”

Awak , if you have been at Nora’s place and act exactly like Nora , please realise. Bukan awak je yang ada marah awak. Bukan awak je yang ada kepala angin awak. Semua orang ada , sayang (: Cuma cara awak manage your anger dengan cara diorang manage tu lain. Itu yang membezakan korang. You should learn to read others’ feeling. You should learn to understand about how others feel either. You are family now.

“Nora, awak kena ingat di sebalik kesenangan awak , ramai bersusah. Bilik tu , kak dina sanggup duduk berdua dengan kak syila sebab nak bagi awak selesa. Katil tu , untuk awak sorang boleh je pakai single bed. Tapi awak taknak. Okay ayah bagi queen size. Bilik abang pakai single. Semua awak nak , semua boleh”

Yes , disebalik kesenangan awak , ramai berkorban. If you are Nora , awak kena sedar this one. Kalau awak rasa awak dah banyak sangat bekorban rasa and perasaan awak , fikir balik. Fikir ballik apa yang awak take over in that house. Compare balik before and after awak masuk rumah tu. Lainlah kalau memang ada bilik kosong and you stay there. Think about others’ sacrifies instead of aching to have more. You should learn how to be grateful (:

“Nora, kalau ikutkan sepsep (budak budak ; biological siblings) ni , dorang boleh dah hidup takde awak. Tak effect pun awak ada ke takde. They dont need you. Sep gaduh ada , sep baik pun ada. Dah cukup dah 5 orang. But you. You need them. Awak sorang. You need them to build yourself”

This one aku cukup setuju dengan ayah. Socializing dalam family dengan between friends lain rasanya wak. Kawan boleh menipu untuk jaga hati awak. Adik beradik ? they dont need to lie semata mata nak jaga hati awak. Plus , you dont need to gaduh pun kalau you all correct between each other. Betulkan antara satu sama lain. Air yang dicincang takkan putus right ? you need siblings in your life.

And the last one is ...

“ If you want me to be your father , be a daughter “

This is his last advice. Quiet deep. And yes it has a very deep meaning. His meaning here , ego. Pijak ego awak. Jangan disebabkan ego awak , awak buang semua yang baik baik from your new family. Jangan sebab ego awak , awak layan kakak tiri awak macam samseng. Jangan sebab ego awak , awak layan ayah tiri awak macam kuli. Awak nak itu boleh , nak ini boleh. No. They are your family. Not strangers from nowhere. And awak kena tahu , tanggungjawab parents is bagi pendidikan , bukan kebendaan (: Get me honey ?

And saya teringat , kak dina. Kak dina is kakak tiri nora yang paling nora selesa to be with. But nora pun buat sampah dekat kak dina dia. Kak dina is someone yang paling tinggi ego in her siblings. But with nora , dia tahan. She advices nora.

“For a better life , change to a better You”

Whoever “Nora” out there , you can be a better Nora in future. You know what ? A cup of coffee , ada kelat dia ada manis dia. That mixing tastes make that coffee taste wonderful. If you know what i mean. In this life , ada pahit ada manis dia. Whoever succeed and boleh manage this two , your life is very interesting! Hey , life with no problem , Boring right ? “Nora” , please change (:

Thanks for reading :)

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